Save Money

The amount of money wasted on landlines every month is enormous. Millions of people pay telecommunications companies as much as $60 a month to keep an outdated piece of technology sitting on our kitchen counters.

That supercomputer in your pocket is more than capable of replacing its outdated ancestor.


Home phones are inconvenient. Your friends call multiple lines and leave multiple messages. You actively call in to check if you have voicemails. It’s like in the dawn of the internet when you had one family email address.

It’d seem pretty ridiculous to keep that arrangement today, wouldn’t it?

Quick & Easy

Getting rid of your home phone isn’t some big, monumental decision. It’s a no brainer – and we’re trying to make sure it stays that way. That’s why we’ve made sure that the process is quick and easy.

That phone bill sitting on your coffee table could be the last one you ever receive.

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